Commercial Lending

We represent Lenders and Borrowers in a broad range of transactions. Here are examples of some of our Commercial Lending Transactions.

Representation of Commercial Borrowers

  • Represented borrower in a $505MM senior and mezzanine loan refinancing of a major office and retail building in the heart of Times Square, New York City;
  • Represented borrower in a $145MM senior and mezzanine loan refinancing of a 500,000 square foot office complex in Reston, Virginia;
  • Represented multi-unit restaurant owners in extension and modification of their existing loan facility consisting of term and revolving loans totaling in excess of $25MM;
  • Represented affiliated borrowers in various portfolio loans for the acquisition of two (2) shopping centers and one office and retail property, in and around Indianapolis, Indiana, in amounts in excess of $20MM;

Representation of Commercial Lenders

  • Represented institutional lender in a $21MM refinance of a commercial and residential building in New York City;
  • Represented a private lending group in connection with mortgage loans totaling $50MM on various New York City commercial properties.
  • Represented an institutional lender in connection with a $24MM bridge loan secured by a mortgage against a LIC hotel and affiliated business.
  • We represented a state-chartered commercial bank and nationally chartered commercial savings bank for commercial real estate loans and for corporate Commercial and Industrial loans.
  • We represent Savings and Commercial Banks in a series of transactions over the years principally handled by Vincent Georgetti and Michael Braunstein.
  • We represent owners of buildings and shopping centers in commercial real estate loans.
  • We represent businesses that borrow money for commercial loans and on real estate they own.
  • We represent condominium boards in lending transactions.
  • We handled the commercial financing with a term loan and a revolving loan that will aggregate $21 million for an entity that acquired 16 Burger King restaurants on Long Island.
  • We handled an $18 Million mezzanine loan in Virginia.
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